Saturday, November 29, 2014

We Will Watch O'er Ramparts When They Come On Netflix

LOBO -Predator Press

Statistically eliminated from the playoffs, our beloved Preds have only two weeks left in our season. 

Nonetheless, we suit up.  We fire up.  Week 13 [Future Ex-Cons] and 14 [Renal Failure] will find the mighty Preds undefeated in spirit.


We, the Preds, have something rare and precious on our side, something that makes us impervious to doubt.  Something special, that makes us play harder when there is nothing to gain.  Something that chases away the creeping, cloying darkness of surrendered hearts.  Something that transcends the statistics and scorecards, innate and priceless, burned into our very souls, that cannot be stolen, bought, found, or taught.  Something that drives us to stand and deliver against all odds, and play the best damn football we ever have.  Something that could potentially send either or both of two 2014 playoff hopefuls sprawling to obscurity.

And that something is spite.

(Plus I'll bench my starters for 2015 draft picks)

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